December 9, 2023

Complete Guide On Different Methods Of Products Sourcing From China

Global sourcing has developed rapidly, and first-world companies are choosing low-cost countries to source finished goods and components at unbeatable prices. Several companies have set up offices for sourcing in various Asian nations, with a particular focus on China, while others are choosing to hire a China sourcing firm to implement low-cost strategies for sourcing.

These procurement companies help offer access to top-quality materials available locally. Product sourcing in China allows companies to increase their competitiveness internationally and, most importantly, focus on their primary business. China has been dubbed “the “factory of the world” and is a desirable option to any company searching for cheap finished products and semi-finished goods and raw materials to boost profits.

The average of sourcing products from China can reduce the cost of an ecommerce site by 10 percent to 50% off the cost of the products. The opportunities for retailers in the Asian giant are tremendous. However, it comes with its fair share of negatives.

Working with Chinese suppliers requires experience and skill. It’s widely known that you could be a fraud and end up with low-quality goods in China. There are dangers associated with doing business with foreign manufacturers, which surpass the border of the language.

Few mistakes to avoid when Sourcing Products from China

The chances of making mistakes are frequent, but they are largely avoidable. Knowing the risks lies in understanding the most common and rare errors and learning from these. Here are some of the most frequently made source mistakes to avoid when dealing with Chinese exports and imports:

Failure to establish a strong Sourcing Strategy. A well-constructed sourcing strategy is vital in the event of sourcing products from China. Dealing with suppliers or handing over large amounts of money to liaisons from overseas can be dangerous. This is why it is essential to set clear objectives and conditions for each transaction.

A strategy to product sourcing in China serves as an indication of the most reliable supplier of products. It should contain specifics on the product and the expectations for the time frame for delivery and quality assurance.

Lacking Defined Specifications

The biggest obstacles in sourcing goods are the language and cultural barriers when communicating with suppliers.

Retailers commit two errors when it comes to the specifications of their products: failing to clearly define their expectations for the development and enticing manufacturers with too much information regarding an item. The trick is to find reliable experts and reliable suppliers and provide the information needed.

Forgoing Supplier Audit

A majority of the eCommerce company’s capital is used to source products and inventory. So, it’s proper to investigate the company that is being scrutinized. An in-person meeting at the manufacturing facility is the most effective way to determine the quality of a company’s work. It gives retailers a complete picture of the supplier’s process, starting with the high-quality raw materials to the treatment of employees.

Not Ordering Product Samples

Relying on the vendor’s good word for order in bulk isn’t the best idea. It is essential to be able to print everything, but sending out specifications isn’t enough to guide the manufacturing team to the retailer’s goals. It is necessary to get manufacturers to submit samples to be revised. This also serves as an opportunity that allows the company to get familiar with your company’s requirements.

Focusing Only on Pricing

Although it is possible to make massive profits with Chinese manufacturers, pricing isn’t the sole factor to consider. Insisting on price and undercutting suppliers is not the best choice for retailers who want to maintain a strong relationship with their manufacturing suppliers. Also, this focus on cost can distract the emphasis on making products. In time’s end, if a price seems too great for it to be accurate, then perhaps it is.

Failing to Sign a Written Contract

An agreement in writing should cover the most significant transactions. The use of black and white shields retailers from any mistakes that a supplier may commit when creating the product. Additionally, it shields your supplier against any claims retailers might make over and above what is stipulated in the contract. It is vital for wholesale and bulk orders.

Commonly used methods for product sourcing in China

  1. Trade Shows

Possibility to meet prospective suppliers face-to-face about their products, companies’ production capacity, quality control processes, as well as other essential areas of business

Direct interaction aids in reviewing suppliers and verifying their capabilities.

Take a look at the product samples first-hand.

Online Resourcing

 The simplest and cheapest method of identifying suppliers

  • A wide variety of manufacturing facilities (more than a trade fair)
  • Information and tools provided in a simple and user-friendly manner
  • Ability to reach multiple suppliers quickly and at the same time
  • Ideal for low-value, small items.


  • Assist in identifying and verifying suppliers, and help facilitate communication
  • Someone is present on the ground to perform quality checks.
  • Many agents are available on the internet.
  • The fees range between 3 and 10 per cent of the purchase cost.

When you’ve worked with agents for sourcing a few times and become acquainted with their process, you’ll be able to eventually negotiate deals on your own without the assistance of sourcing agents.

  • Full-Service Project Management Firm
  • A safe and secure method of sourcing
  • Scale – leverage factories that have a large volume of customers
  • Manages the entire process of sourcing from beginning to finish

Offer a wide array of services, including supplier identification price negotiation, supplier identification supply management, Quality control management, shipping and logistics management, and many other sourcing issues.

  • Rapidly respond to urgent situations.
  • Are only the interests of customers at risk (not being obligated to particular factories)
  • costs savings by cutting out international travel

It eliminates the hassle of finding and verifying production sources, inspection, quality control of products, and logistics.

Let’s us focus on the current U.S. sales and operations


The product sourcing in China is not without dangers and disadvantages. For China or other areas, international inventory sourcing is a crucial business decision that needs to be evaluated carefully. Yet, this strategy is the top-performing option provided you conduct thorough research and thorough due diligence.