June 24, 2024

4 Highly Sought-After Post-Pandemic Business Opportunities

Without a doubt, the pandemic has been heartbreaking for many business owners. A large number have closed their doors permanently due to the unprecedented challenges the past two years have thrown at every industry. Now, entrepreneurs, business owners and consumers alike are faced with a new challenge: post-COVID life.

There is a light at the end of this long tunnel. As consumers continue to adapt to the current pandemic, it has opened up new opportunities. An entrepreneur, by definition, is someone who is innovative and risk-taking. Someone who is willing to chase opportunities and create solutions – exactly what a post-pandemic economy demands.

If you’re eager to tackle the challenges that lie ahead, here are some great post-pandemic businesses you can start now:

  1. Cleaning service

During the height of the pandemic, cleaning and antibacterial supplies flew off the shelves faster than they could be restocked. Fears were running wild over contracting the virus, and people grabbed as many supplies as they could, not knowing what the future might hold. With most businesses’ doors open again, they are counting on cleaning service providers more than ever before to disinfect their spaces and keep employees and customers safe.

  1. Delivery service

Very quickly, within just a couple of months of the pandemic, delivery services become a highly sought-after market (if not the most). Customers were nervous to be in stores, so businesses did their best to accommodate their fears and make things easier by offering curbside pickup options and errand services. Online food delivery services alone are now expected to grow by more than $104 billion by 2023. Errand services like picking up medications and delivering groceries is a very lucrative opportunity.

  1. Educational products

More than anything, the pandemic has changed the day to day lives of every American. Countless families have had to juggle working from home while also managing their children’s education. Even after schools and businesses re-opened their doors, the effects of hybrid learning and working remotely remain. This has created a big demand for educational toys and games that allow children to learn while also having fun.

  1. Resume editing

The pandemic caused thousands of layoffs and furloughs. Now, vaccine mandates are causing even more of the population to make certain choices and pursue different career paths. If you have experience and a passion for professional coaching and consulting, virtual resume editing could be an incredibly lucrative opportunity. Thanks to the many affordable collaborative digital tools like Google Docs, very little startup funding is required.

From writing and editing to cleaning and errand services, there are countless opportunities that have come out of these unprecedented times. As an aspiring entrepreneur, the key is to find the opportunity you are passionate about, that also meets consumers’ new and evolving needs.

Michael Hollis is a Detroit native who has helped hundreds of business owners with their cash advance solutions. He’s experimented with various occupations: computer programming, dog-training, accounting… But his favorite is the one he’s now doing — providing business funding for hard-working business owners across the country.