December 9, 2023

A Guide to AWS migration

The AWS migrationamazon web migration is the IaaS in the world which is the most popular – infrastructure as a service cloud platform. As per a report by Gartner published in 2020, AWS could be the leading among all the available IaaS cloud providers. And it might not only be the largest cloud system, but AWS also retained to be the leading position for over a decade now.

The migration to the AWS cloud denotes that data has to be transferred from your facility for hosting – private, on-premise, or public cloud to the infrastructure of Amazon. It is possible to move:

  • Website
  • Databases
  • Data centers
  • Virtual servers
  • Physical storages

Companies tend to move to AWS from the environment of on-premise for various reasons. There are a variety of factors that make them decide to go to the AWS platform

Why do you need to migrate to the AWS cloud

As per the 2019 research by Gartner, the revenue from cloud services is likely to grow from 2019’s $227 billion to 2022’s $354 billion. What that means is that the market for cloud services is now mainstream. The interesting part is that AWS has a larger share in the cloud market and it comes with the following benefits:

  • Sustainability: The infrastructure of AWS is about 3.6 times more efficient in energy as compared to the normal data centers. That is as per the 2019 study which was conducted on 451 participants
  • Value: The 2018 IDC report shows that companies are known to spend less than 31% on the infrastructure which has AWS on board as compared to the same on-premise one of the same sizes.
  • Management: The AWS comes with a variety of tools as well as templates for the optimization of workflow, IT management improvement capabilities by over 62% compared to when in a regular environment.
  • The capability of the server: Amazon does have a large server network among the vendor of IaaS. Because of that, it offers 99.99% low application and uptime latency.
  • Security: The Amazon web migration is known to be backed by innovative security tools. Based on the reports available, the IaaS of Amazon can reduce to 43% of the breaches as well as the various security events on average for a company.


It is best to utilize this guide so that you have your migration on the AWS as it is seen to be the most popular and affordable option for migrating.